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Frequently Asked Questions

Fundraising Program FAQ's From Profit Potentials

1. Do I have to order in full box increments?
No, that is the advantage to selling with Profit Potentials, you only order what you sold. No full box increments.

2. Is there a minimum order?
Yes, minimum order is 50 greenery pieces. Does not include the Brass Hanger or Premium Bow as a greenery item. There will be a $2.00 per item surcharge for all orders less than 50 greenery items.

3. Do we need to pay for our order up front?
No. Profit Potentials offers 30- day open account terms for schools with purchase order numbers, and credit reference approval for all other groups. All prepaid and credit card orders qualify for an additional 2% discount. All checks should be received 10 days prior to your requested delivery date of your greenery items or you may risk the item not shipping on time.

4. When does my 30-day open terms account start?
Your 30-day open account starts when your order is shipped. Your invoice will follow in the mail. If for any reason your order has been delayed, give us a call, we will adjust your invoice's due date.

5. What kind of credit information do I need to qualify for an open account?
School sponsored groups we need to have the name of the approving administrator such as bookkeeper, principal, financial secretary who can verify and approve the order. If your school requires a purchase order number, please have this number available when ordering. All non school sponsored groups will need a credit reference sheet including banking information filled out. Please call to receive a credit reference sheet.

6. Do we pay for Shipping?
All shipping and handling charged will be prepaid for you and added to your invoice. If prepaying your order, you will pay the shipping at the time of order. Each individual greenery item will have shipping added. This does exclude the brass hanger, carry bags and bows.

7. Will I be charged sales tax on my order?
No, Profit Potentials only works with non-profit groups and does not charge sales tax. However, Iowa residents could be subject to state sales tax unless a tax exemption certificate or resale exemption is on file with our company.

8. When will we receive our order?
You will choose your delivery date. You will have a 3-day window for delivery. Your order will be shipped via FedEx. Your order must be placed 14 days prior to your expected arrival date. Delivery window is an estimate and cannot be guaranteed.

9. Can I add-on to my order?
Yes, we do allow 1 add-on order to your original greenery order free of charge, any additional add-ons will incur a $5 administrative fee. Keep in mind your add on will ship separately and delivery may not be the same time. There are no minimum greenery pieces for add-on orders.

10. Where should I ship my order to?
You may have the order shipped to your home or business. Any group with an open account must ship to the school or organizationís address.

11. What is your customer service like?
We have a superior customer service team that works hard to exceed your expectations. We pride ourselves in offering customer service that will help you with all your needs. We have many groups who use us year after year.

12. What is the selling price of your items?
We have suggested retail prices listed. You may choose to use our suggested retail prices, or set your own prices. Please be sure to specify if you want to set your own prices, you will need blank order taking sheets.

13. How are your products packaged?
Your greenery items will be boxed 10 Wreaths per box, 5 Garland per box, 10 Wall Door swags per box, 10 mailbox swags per box, 5 Christmas Trees per box, and 4 Pine Cone Crates per box.

14. How do you protect the life of the forests?
The boughs are cut from the outside lower branches, thus extending the life of the tree and protecting our forests for generations to come.

15. When should I take delivery?
Northern States can be shipped November 1st-December 13th, 2017. Southern States will be available for shipment November 18th-December 6th, 2017. Be sure to place your order early to get the best delivery times and to avoid delays.

16. How do I place my order online?
After collecting the orders from each group member, group leaders can logon to or create an account online and place the order for the entire group. All online orders will need to be prepaid by credit card. If you are paying any other means or have any questions about ordering online, please call 800-877-8970.