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Fundraising Tips

How much profit will I make?
Listed below is a breakdown of the greenery cost/item, shipping & our suggested selling price. If you want to make more PROFIT, simply request our non-priced brochures and set your own selling price.


Group Cost

Shipping Cost

Suggested Selling

Profit Per Item Sold*

Balsam Wreath





Gift-Boxed Wreath & Hanger





36" Mailbox Swag





24" Wall/Door Swag





34" Christmas Tree Wreath





18' Balsam Garland





Pine Cone Basket





Plaid Bow





Wreath Hanger





FREE Online Resources for Fundraising Groups!

We want to make your job as a fundraising coordinator as easy as possible. Here are a few helpful Fundraising Resources for you to use!

Order Tally Sheet - Excel file where you can calculate how many items to order. DOWNLOAD HERE

Greenery Care Instructions - Answers your questions on how to care for fresh-cut greenery items. DOWNLOAD HERE

Door Hangers - Print off and your members can hang these on your supports door letting me know about your fundraiser. DOWNLOAD HERE

Facebook Ads - Promoting your fundraiser will bring MORE sales & profit. Use these facebook/email graphics to spread the word. Click on the images below.

ShowYourSupport250.jpg EnjoyAHolidayWreath250.jpg HelpSupportMyGroup250.jpg OnlyAClickAway250.jpg

Our Christmas Greenery fundraiser is a great idea for:

  • Schools and School Groups
  • Scouts (Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts)
  • Churches and Youth Groups
  • Dance Groups & Cheerleaders
  • Sports Groups - Baseball, Softball, Football, Lacrosse
  • Preschool & Daycare Centers
  • Community Groups, Kiwanis or any nonprofit group
  • Fundraising Tips and Plans to Maximize Your Fundraising Opportunity

    Setting goals

    How are you going to get anywhere if you don't know how you're getting there?

    In fundraising, the first thing you need to do is set your goal.

    How much do you want to raise? Or how much do you need to raise? What will you use the money for? When do you need the money by? Once you determine your fundraising goals, maximize your fundraising opportunity by telling EVERYONE about them! Tell your members. Tell your organization's officers. Tell your supporters. Tell the community. You'll generate more support and motivate your sellers.

    Leader of the Pack

    When selecting a person to be the director of your fundraiser, look for a cheerleader.

    Choose the person that's going to be excited about the products. A person who can motivate the members is going to be your #1 asset. Of course your leader should also be organized.

    It does take time to keep the products and money organized, and Profit Potentials offers tools and advice to make it as easy as possible.

    Money Business

    Your fundraiser will go smoothly if you assign at least two people who are experienced and comfortable with handling money. Appoint one to serve as treasurer; the other as fundraising leader.

    Both should be present when counting the money that has been collected. Both should sign all requests for money using a numbered receipt book for all cash disbursements. Accurate records of all money collected are necessary.

    Deposit money in a timely manner-preferably daily. In between bank deposits, make arrangements to keep money under lock and key.

    Profit Potentials gives your group free record keeping charts so you have an organized way of keeping track of all product distributed and money collected by each member.

    Source: The Fundraising Edge, Association of Fund Raisers and Direct Sellers.

    Group Leader Check List

    1. When you receive your shipment, check all products upon delivery to ensure you have received your entire order and that it has arrived in satisfactory condition. Please call our customer service at 1-800-597-0416 as soon as possible with any missing or damaged product.

    2. Be sure to communicate your group's goals to the members. Encourage each member to set individual goals - how much they'll sell. Use the goal chart to track your accomplishments. Each member can sell 10 items.

    3. Give members ideas on how to sell the product and who they should sell to; your family, friends, neighbors, church members, etc. Write down at least 10 people that they know and sell to those 10 people.

    4. Show members how to use the cash collection envelopes to keep money collected from getting lost.

    5. Keep and accurate record of product dispersed and money collected. Profit Potentials will give you a Record Keeping chart to help you.

    6. Remind every member of deadlines to have product sold. Set a specific date when all money needs to be turned in. Keep in mind your order will need to be placed 2 weeks prior to when you want to have delivery for your customers.

    7. Make the fundraiser Fun! Include incentives to help motivate your sellers.

    Make it a GREAT Finish!

    Celebrate your successful fundraiser with a fun, energy-filled meeting. Have every member turn in their money and record sales to determine the top sellers. Announce the amount of money you've raised.

    Present prizes to top sellers. Take the group out for a Pizza Party if your fundraising goal is met. This is also a great time to take a group photo. You'll encourage teamwork and congratulate everyone on a job well done!