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Profit Potentials

In the summer of 1976, Peter W. De Yager, a high school German teacher, began taking his students abroad so the students could learn more about the language and culture they were studying. After visiting a gummy bear factory in Germany, the students decided to sell the candy as a fundraising idea to raise money for next summer’s trip.

The gummy bears sold amazingly well! Peter had an idea, why not sell gummy bears to German Clubs across the country? This would be a great job for his wife, Betsy, in the basement of their home, and a great way for high school German students nationwide to raise funds!

The business flourished and Peter resigned his teaching position in the spring of 1980. They ran out of room in their home, so they built a new building, doubling the size soon thereafter.

Then, Peter recognized that not only did German Clubs need to raise money, but ALL types of organizations such as Scouting groups, Church groups, Bands and Choirs, Little League, Soccer teams and Cheerleaders. So he searched for the best ideas in domestic candy and started helping groups all over the United States meet their fundraising. At this time Profit Potentials, a fundraising company, was born. For over 35 years we have been in the practice of fundraising. Starting with many candy items, candles, cookie dough, cheesecakes, fire extinguishers, first aid kits and our ever growing Holiday Greenery. At this time we have exceeded our goals and expectations with our Holiday Greenery sales and have decided to expand this portion of our company and focus solely on the Holiday Greenery. This will allow us to grow and perfect our Holiday Greenery sales.

We have come a long way since "the days in the basement" as we refer to them. But one thing has remained unchanged: Profit Potentials is still dedicated to helping schools, churches, and nonprofit groups raise the money they need. And we continue to help them meet their fundraising objectives by offering the most Profitable Fundraising Ideas!

Our offices are located in Hull, Iowa but all our greenery is shipped directly from the forest of Wisconsin. Our mailing address is: 1 Foreign Candy Dr. Hull, IA 51239